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Previous Data values are displaying in Edit popup

Dec 31 2018 12:04 AM
I am using Anjularjs and MVC 
In dynamically added rows i have 2 textboxes named as Category and Product
where category and Product are combo boxes
and also i have one grid view
In that i have one grid view 
based upon Id it can display the   relavant values on category and Product(Items)
Everything ois working fine
Probelm is that if i want to edit previous data in particular row 
It was displaying empty
 Ex:If OrderId=3 has 3 Items rows like below screenshot
After that if i try to edit row1 at that time it was displaying null like below 
Note:If i add new row at that time relevant values are displaying 
please look at below screen
So,finally my probelm is that only previous data values are not displaying in edit item row
Could kindly anyone help me 

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