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Recursive algorithm

May 29 2022 6:14 AM

You are given a recursive formula to generate elements of the array First element of the array is "1" Second element of the array is "6"

Array[]=((Array[i-1]+ 2) 2 Array[i-21) for (>2 You need to print the Nth element of the array

Input format

The input starts with T. the number of Test Cases. Next T lines contain integer N.

Output format For each test ce print the answer on a single line. As the answer can be very large, output it modulo 10 9+7

Constraints 1<= T <=10^5 1

Sample Input 223

Sample Output 6 15

Explanation For the second test case: Array[3] =( (Array[2]+ 2)2-Array[1])=(6+2)2-1-15