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Repeating table in "customize form" for SharePoint

Apr 6 2021 11:43 AM


I am trying to use the "customize form" option under Power Apps menu in SharePoint to add 2 repeating tables to a form.

Now I have been able to follow a guide from https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/article/create-repeating-section-in-powerapps-new-form-step-by-step-pa... that has what I am after.

Now I have been able to get this working when building a standalone app, but I really need to have this working on the form that you get when youdouble click on a SharePoint list item (to view or edit) or when using the new link in the Sharepoint list.

Does anyone know is it possible to make that guide with the "customize form" option I have seen plenty of guides for having data stored in several SharePoint lists, but this is something that I want to avoid.

Thank you

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