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Retrieve posts details from blogs URL using c#

Nov 24 2017 8:13 AM

I am a beginner web developer, i want to create a c# process that retrieve posts details (title, image, summary, post URL, publish date, comments, share, likes, ...) from different blogs or website URLs (WordPress blogs, blogger blogs or specific websites or blog URL) and save them to my database using entity framework or linq to sql class.

I searched alots online and all what i found that there are specific API like WordPress API, blogger API ...  that retrieve posts as json result when putting the URL (domain) for a blog or website in the api specific link, but this can't help for specific websites and blogs to find latest, oldest and updated posts details.

kindly help me if you have any idea, tutorial, document or any link of how and what materials to learn to do this.

thank you in advance
Best Regards,

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