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return to previous page when using sitemap

Apr 12 2022 2:07 PM

I currently have the following nodes in my sitemap  file

 siteMapNode title="Account" url="~/MyProject\Seller\Sellor_Account.aspx"  roles="Seller"     
            siteMapNode title="Inbox" url="~/MyProject\Messaging\Inbox_User.aspx " 

I now want to add additional node that also links to Inbox_User.aspx file. But i am unable to because the return link when clicked returns to Seller_Account.aspx page instead of back to records2.aspx file?

     siteMapNode title="Account" url="~/Market\records2.aspx"  roles="Services" 

As an alternative i tried using javascript code onclick="javascript:history.go(-1);

The problem with that is i loose the original path if i navigate any sub page.