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Reusable components for SPA

Nov 20 2023 11:04 PM

Hi Team

I have a model below, how do i create razor components for this? Basically the page should be single page. It must do this following

The application should include the following: a listing of operations with an option to remove an operation a modal form to add a new an operation to the list of operations a modal form to add a new device to an operation a pleasant user interface.

class Operation {
	public int OperationID {get;set;}
	public string Name {get;set;}
	public int OrderInWhichToPerform {get;set;}
	public byte[] ImageData {get;set;}
	public Device Device {get;set;}
class Device {
	public int DeviceID {get;set;}
	public string Name {get;set;}
	public DeviceType {get;set;}

enum  DeviceType {


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