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Rotate the usercontrols region for clipping

Aug 7 2015 12:57 AM

I'm having trouble rotating the region that one assigns to the control's Region property.

 I can create the region and do a fill on it and display it in the control's area just fine.

 I can assign that region (sans fill) to the control's Region property just fine and it works just fine.
I can rotate the region that I created above and display that with a fill and all is good.
But, if I try to assign the rotated region to the control's Region property, I don't get a rotated control region.
I've tried so many different variations that all I've got at the moment is a jumble of code.
Can anyone here point me to a code sample that actually rotates the control's (clipping) region?
I normally use VB.Net, but I'm comfortable reading C# and I'm posting here because  Mahesh Chand had this really nice article called "Graphics Class and Transformation in GDI+" that has really helped. 
Hoping y'all can give me some direction, I'm stuck.