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Scan barcodes using C# in Windows store 8 app

Nov 26 2014 6:52 AM

I am working on a Windows Store 8 App (targets windows 8 and not windows 8.1) and need to integrate barcode reading functionality on the app. I am using C#/XAML in this app.

I am looked on internet and came across this link that shows some code for this functionality. But it seems to target only windows 8.1. I have also checked this library from codeplex and find that this refers to only a subset of barcode types.

I want to know is there any API with the help of which I can read barcodes in Windows 8 Store app.

I will be capturing images from the tab's camera and reading the images to decode the barcodes and use it further in the app.

Any ideas/links?

Thanks in advance.

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