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Social Media Platform

Jan 10 2015 10:50 PM
I know more than 1.3 billion people are on Facebook. I am not much active on Facebook. All I do is, once in a while post my son's photos to share with few close family and friends. I get friend requests on FB from professional people but that's not where I want to be to connect and chat with people. That is where C# Corner is :). Here are some of my use of social media platforms. 
  • Facebook - Limited use. Personal.
  • Twitter - I used to post updates what I do technically 
  • LinkedIn - I have some contacts people I meet who I may never meet again :)
One thing I have to admit. Since I have started using these platforms, my productivity has gone down and once in a while I get some nonsense that is also a big distraction.
What is your purpose of being on these platforms? 

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