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SQL Retrieval on joined tables not produce desired results

May 21 2022 11:48 AM

           I  have the following sqldatasource query statement that returns wrong results. The output depends on rows in the Business-Rating table.So if there are two rows, it returns all rows that match. while i want it to return all rows that match the   MarketPlace_SAddress  table instead. So for each row in  [Inbox_Messages] that match MarketPlace_SAddress table i want it to return all the data present plus the data in  [Business-Rating] table.

So i should in theory retrieve 3 rows that include address details. Yet i only get address details on 2 rows.

The sql was generated from sqldatasource wizard!

                SelectCommand="SELECT  * FROM Inbox_Messages LEFT OUTER JOIN MarketPlace_SAddress left outer JOIN [Business-Rating] ON MarketPlace_SAddress.UserName = [Business-Rating].Business_UserName ON Inbox_Messages.InboxId = [Business-Rating].MessageId WHERE (Inbox_Messages.RecieverID = @Recieverid or senderid=@recieverid or username=@recieverid) AND (Inbox_Messages.MessageType = 'Services' ) OR (Inbox_Messages.MessageType = 'Services' ) AND (Inbox_Messages.SenderID = @Recieverid) " 

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