Steps in creating c# Windows form, VS 2012, Sql 2008

Oct 23 2014 6:31 PM
I am creating a simple Windows form where user can enter data, search and display. My Form has radio buttons, a Search button and a data repeater that has text fields to display the data. I created a datasource dataset where I added the fields onto the form's data repeater.  I have 3 stored procedures to bind the radio button to the data repeater, depending in which radio button selection (Not sure if I am saying that right)  I have 5 radio buttons. Ex: If radiobutton1.checked, grab storedprocedure1 to bind to a datarepeater, and populate the text fields in the datarepeater. I have 5 radio buttons to do this for. 
Do I need sql connection code? Do I need to create get/set properties?  Do I just use my table adapter from my tables to bind? If so, how do I do that? My dataset uses 3 tables: 1 main table and two combobox tables, each with its own table adapter. My problem is how to bind the stored procedure, or just call it from a radio button Search click. I did basic 'If...Else rb1.checked.. statement, but it does not display data when Search button is clicked. It is just blank form. Please tell me simplest way to create a simple Search form. Thank y ou in advance