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Technology upgrade/Change

Jan 28 2020 6:12 PM
Hi All,
Hope you all doing good.
Here is my query..
 Since 7 years ,I have been working as a SharePoint/office365  developer. I have worked on  dot net applications also(JavaScript ,Jquery,Rest,HTML,MVC).
I am very good at coding and SharePoint. Now I thinking to change my platform with new trending technolgies.
If I learn new technolgies, it will help my career in future. These days , I am hearing alot about AI , Data Science, Machine Learning Python ,Azure etc.
Should I learn Microsoft new technologies like MS Flows, PowerApps, SPFx, React Js etc 
Since I am from Microsoft  .Net/SharePoint  background , I  could not understand which is better for me to learn and proceed.
Kinldy please provide valuable suggestions.
1. SharePoint /office 365 will have future 

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