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The build task could not find node.exe which is required to

Jan 17 2019 12:32 PM
Once again I need an assistance.
I created a c# web application in my desktop computer at the office. When I am almost finished with my program, I decided to bring it home so that I can work even after office hours. Unfortunately, below error happened.
  1. Severity    Code    Description Project File    Line    Source  Suppression State  
  2. Error       The build task could not find node.exe which is required to run the TypeScript compiler. Please install Node and ensure that the system path contains its location. HospitalMngt            Build     
I tried to google it for the past 2 days but I wasn't able to find a solution. Thank you very much for any possible assistance you may extend.
This error only persist in this particular program only. My other program works fine.

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