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TreeView ScrollBar

Jul 26 2008 7:09 PM

hello all :)

i'm new in Csharpe and this is my problem:

history: i create a treeview control componet in visual studio 2008, after i add a few nodes vertical scrollbar shown in the right corner of the control.

but i want to insert my Treeview to panel and control the scrolling of the treeview by external Vscroll componet, i search over the net and i saw 2 options to do it but i didnt understand the way to do it.

the first option talking about getting the values from WM_SCROLL using inport Dll (user32.dll) and the second is to try to bound the node rectangle and resize the treeview

 i didnt find good examples or documention for this problem can anyone help me , i just want  external Vscroll in treeview :( 

i'm loosing my head over here :S

thanks everyone!