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trouble building a custom control in Windows Forms Control L

Apr 23 2019 9:15 PM
I am engaged in self taught C# programming, using a book titled "Learn Visual C#". One of the book examples is giving me problems that two days of research have proven to be unhelpful.
In a nutshell, the project yields Visual Studio supplied default code does not reflect renaming UserControl1.cs, and building the code does not result in a .dll file in repos\bin\release.
Here are the steps as given in the book:
1) In New Project window, choose Visual C#, Windows, Desktop.
2) Select Windows Forms Control Library, and name the project NumericTextBox.
3) Rename the default file UserControl1.cs to be named NumericTextBox.cs.
4) Show all files and delete NumericTextBox.Designer.cs.
5) Opening the code window should reveal: namespace NumericTextBox -- etc, but it reveals namespaceUserControl1 -- etc.
6)  Add text box properties for backcolor ,forecolor,  and font. This works, but I have not yet figured out how to post code properly in this forum.
7) Save the project, click build NumericTextBox. -- This is where the .dll file should be found in bin\release. -- but it is nowhere to be found
Please provide me with insight to make these instructions work.
Thanks in advance for your replies.

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