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Unable to create relationship 'FK_pets_owners

Jun 8 2023 1:54 PM


I'm using SSMS 18.11.1.

I have two tables with this rules: one owner can have more than one pets. One pets belongs to one owner.

table owners:
primary key    nameID    int
        name    varchar(15)

table pets:
primary key    petsID    int
        nameID    int
        pets    varchar(15)

When creating in SSMS a foreign key relationship between table 'pets' and 'owners' and using option Cascade with the Delete rule, i get this error: 

'owners' table saved successfully
'pets' table
- Unable to create relationship 'FK_pets_owners'.  
Cascading foreign key 'FK_pets_owners' cannot be created where the referencing column 'pets.nameID' is an identity column.
Could not create constraint or index. See previous errors.

What's wrong here? Is this a bug?

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