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Update data using Entity model

Jan 31 2019 1:46 AM

How to force Entity Framework to work with stored procedure with XML input parameter? Data is Updating Perfectly with Sql connection but I only have to use Entity framework

I have tried ExecuteFunction and ExecuteStoreQuery both are giving different Error as below

Both statements are giving Error

return base.ExecuteFunction("pr_UpdateSupplierSubmittedExportdata_1", tblExportDataParameter, batchIDParameter, userNameParameter); ex = {"The stored procedure or function 'pr_UpdateSupplierSubmittedExportdata_1' does not have a return type. ExecuteFunction only supports stored procedures and functions that have a return type. "}

return base.ExecuteStoreQuery("Exec pr_UpdateSupplierSubmittedExportdata_1 @tblExportData, @BatchID, @UserName ", tblExportData, batchID, userName); Must declare the scalar variable "@tblExportData".

var getColumn = (from sp in (objLCSEntities.pr_UpdateSupplierSubmittedExportdata_1(xmlString1, Convert.ToInt32(sExportID), strUserFullName)) select sp).First().ToString();

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