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User updating controls and compiling

Jun 8 2013 5:50 AM

I have two different projects so far, and I would like to update certain controls (control name, picturebox image etc.) of one project from the other project. I already made the connection between the two projects.

What I have done so far was, I passed the data (text) to change certain control text accordingly. For some reason it did not update my controls text, but then I realized it doesn't matter since when the user closes the program, the controls would reset to default. (I am changing the control names at runtime.)

What I want is, from one of the project to give the user the ability to create a form to his likes (just the design) by communicating with the other project and then save that form so that the user could run the executable file again with his changes. This my all be done at runtime and the changes must be saved.

I hope you understood my question, and if not please tell me and I'll explain my self better.

Thanks in advance