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Web API Introduction?

Oct 4 2017 9:04 AM

What is Web API? web API is a framework for building web API’s i.e.: HTTP based services on top of the .Net framework.

These Services can then be consumed by a broad range of clients like

Ø Browsers

Ø Mobile Applications

Ø Desktop Applications

Ø IOTs:-are an objects or devices that have an IP address that can able to communicate with Internet and internet enabled Devices and objects.

EX: Security Systems, Electronic Appliances, Cards, Smartphones

Creating Rest Full Services Using WEBAPI:-

What are the RESTful Services?

REST-Representational State Transfer. REST is an architectural pattern for creating Services.

Rest Constraints:-

· Client-server:-client sends the request and server sends the response

· Stateless:-The communication between client and the server is stateless i.e:we should not storing the anything related to the server

Cacheable constraint:-this avoids unnecessary processing of request to the server.

Uniform Interface:-defines the interface between the client and the server

Based on the Client Request respective method is awake in the server side using HTTP Accept Verbs: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE


In Each request there will be a set of Hyperlinks what actions can be performed on the resource

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