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Which is best option .NET or RPA (Automation anywhere)?

Jan 29 2018 10:16 PM
I had 5+ yr of experience in web development in .NET then I moved to MNC company but they deployed me in RPA (Automation anywhere, winautomation) I have also given try for 1 yr but I don't find interest in it. RPA tools are immatured,has less command, always get less time to script as RPA is advertised in such way, can't debug and so much outside dependency,less job than .NET, less client, etc..Now I want to move back in .NET field where I can enjoy my coding.I am interested in Xamarin but does it have future? Or .NET core? Confused ??Below are promising technology as per my thinking MSBI Azure Xamarin Big data Data scientist IoTPlease suggest.

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