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WPF 4 ListBox controls - Selection sync

Sep 17 2015 10:41 AM
Hi guys,
I have a question.
How can I synchronize 4 ListBoxes, when I select any row in any of the ListBoxes(4 of them). I want in every ListBox the same row to be selected like on this image here.
This method does not work in WPF I am working on, so I guess its because of the WinForms difference(Or am I wrong?).
I will post you my complete VS solution so you can have complete insight in what I am working on and where do I go wrong.
So basically I just want all listBoxes to sync "selected Item" from any listBox, here is my screenshot of my problem
(selection populates in appropriate textBox but it works only for 1 listBox at a time :()and my project is uploaded.
Any help is much appreciated, I tried few solutions but still no luck, so I decided to make a post here only and I hope someone will help me out to understand this better.

Best Regards,


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