XSL+JavaScript to Angular - Window.open and assign the return value

Jun 2 2022 11:56 PM


I have Classic ASP, applications with XSL and JavaScript. I am trying to open the pop up window developed in Angular JS.

XSL+JavaScript ---> Used Window.Open method to call the Angular Pop up.

Calling function js.



returnValue = window.open("MyURL", "My Products", "800","500");


When I click the pop up window, its opening and I have the Dropdown filled Products, I can able to select the Producs too.

But When I click the Submit / Save button, I am NOT able to get the selected Products value back to my Classic ASP application.

Window is NOT having "window.returnValue" property in TypeScript, so I dont have option to get the value back from pop up window.

Its simply XSL+JavaScript -web page hyperlink to open the ---> Angular (Pop up page)...

But when I selected value in pop up, I cant get that value back to XSL+JavaScript page.

Please provide any solutions or situations if anyone faced.