Ajeet Mishra
Give a live example of union in SQL Server?
By Ajeet Mishra in SQL Server on Aug 17 2015
  • Chetan Raiyani
    Jun, 2016 30

    select 1 union select 2 go select 1 union select 1

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  • Ajeet Mishra
    Aug, 2015 17

    select uu.customername ,profileid from ( select Upper(Name) as customername ,profileid,companyid,branch_id,agent_id from client union select upper(clientname) as customername ,clientid as profileid ,companyid,branchid as branch_id, agentid as agent_id from meetingClient ) as uu where uu.companyid='0003' and uu.branch_id=106 and uu.agent_id=3

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