What is the difference between Silverlight and WPF?
By arpit in WPF on May 28 2012
  • Sanghamitra Mohanty
    May, 2018 8

    Wpf(Windows Presentation Foundation) Provides developers with a unified programming model for building rich windows forms applications that incorporate user interface(UI) , media, and document. wpf based on desktop CLR which is the full version of the CLR, where Silverlight is based on much smaller and more compact CLR which provides a great Experince but does not full breath of CLR has Much smaller version of rthe BCL . wpf Supports 3 types of routed event (direct, bubbling, and tunneling) where as Silverlight supports direct and bubbling only. Silverlight does not support multiBinding. Silverlight supports both XmlDataprovider but not the ObjectDataProvider but WPF suppo

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