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What new or upgraded PowerShell cmdlets introduced in SharePoint Server 2019.

SharePoint 2019 bring new or improved PowerShell command in SharePoint 2019.

  1. New User Profile Synchronization PowerShell cmdlets.

    1. Get-SPContentDatabase: The Get-SPContentDatabase cmdlet with the optional parameter -DaysSinceLastProfileSync to return content databases that haven’t been synchronized with User Profile for the past n (number of days) days.
    2. Clear-SPContentDatabaseSyncData: The new Clear-SPContentDatabaseSyncData cmdlet clears User Profile synchronization information from the content databases in the farm that haven’t been synchronized for the past n(number of days) days.

    3. Update-SPProfileSync: The new Update-SPProfileSync cmdlet updates the User Profile synchronization settings to specify the main synchronization schedule, the sweep schedule to identify new users, and which web applications should be excluded from synchronization

  2. New Get-SPContentDatabaseOrphanedData PowerShell cmdlet.
    The “stsadm.exe -o enumallwebs“ command has been converted into a PowerShell cmdlet. The new Get-SPContentDatabaseOrphanedData cmdlet help to find orphaned objects within a content database.

  3. New Set-SPApplicationCredentialKey PowerShell cmdlet.
    The “stsadm.exe -o setapppassword“ command has been converted into a PowerShell cmdlet. The new Set-SPApplicationCredentialKey cmdlet to set the application credential key on the local server for the SharePoint People Picker and SMTP authentication.

  4. New Remove-SPApplicationCredentialKey PowerShell cmdlet.
    The new Remove-SPApplicationCredentialKey cmdlet allows user to remove the application credential key from the local server. The impact level of this cmdlet is set to high, as removing the application credential key from the local server may degrade or block the functionality of features if they’re configured to use the application credential key. For example, the SharePoint People Picker or SMTP authentication.

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