Active Directory
Welcome to Active Directory section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various Active Directory related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips using C# language.


  • Adding new Windows User Account using Active Directory

    This article uses Active Directory to add new user account. The Active Directory will be accessed using windows native protocol (not LDAP).
  • Active Directory Sample I

    This sample shows how to access Active Directory information in a Windows 2000 domain.
  • Using Active Directory

    This sample code can sense current context in Active Directory, checks for the existence of attributes, provides a list of all the attributes in Active Directory and can add a user to Active Directory.
  • LDAP, IIS and WinNT Directory Services

    Directory Services have gained a lot of traction over the last few years. Directories are repositories of information and can be utilized in many different ways.
  • Listing all Computer in Active Directory

    This application does one simple task. On any network where Microsoft Active Directory is used it will list all computers on the network. I faced this problem when I wanted to document all of the computers on the network using WMI .
  • ADHelper - An Active Directory Class

    Working on my latest project required quite a degree of development against the Active Directory.
  • Listing Active Directory Users

    The attached source code shows you how to list an active directory users in .NET using C#.
  • Directory Services Vs RDBMS

    When storing user information, developers can have two choices to choose from - Active directory and a relational database. This article sheds lights on usefulness of each of these and when to use one over the other and vice versa.