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  • How To Start Programming | A Step-by-Step Tutorial

    This video talks about the programming pathway every college student should follow to start programming!
  • Skills Needed For Data Scientist And Data Analyst Roles

    This video describes the differences between the Data Scientist and Data Analyst roles. Also, we will talk about the skills needed for this role.
  • How And Where To Learn Microsoft Technologies For Free

    This video is especially for college and university students who want to know about different Microsoft Technologies and how they can learn these technologies for free. I hope you all will like this video!
  • Confrontation With Success

    Workspace confrontation with your boss, subordinates, or co-workers is common and many of us shy away from it. In this video, leadership coach and expert, Lou Troilo talks about the confrontation in workplaces and how to confront that is successful and positive.This video covers the following topics -What is confrontation Typical approaches to confrontation Goals of confrontation Recommendations Expectations
  • Benefits Of Active Listening

    In this video, I will talk about active listening, its benefits, examples, expectations, and recommendations. Go through this video to implement Active Listening to your personality,
  • Best Programming Language To Learn In 2018

    Top 5 programming languages to learn in 2018.
  • How To Be A Successful Software Engineer

    In this video we are going to discuss a few points which you must be taken care of, to be a successful software engineer.
  • Top 10 Rules of Conference Calling For Developers

    This video talks about 10 Rules of Successful Conference calling for Software developers. It includes experience and real world scenarios from a 16 years of IT Experience of working in various software companies India and abroad. It covers many useful tips, tricks and techniques.
  • 10 Rules of English Communication For Developers

    This video explains how a software developer can develop good communication skills and what tools & techniques etc. can be used.
  • Want to work in USA? Learn how?

    Today’s IT industry is all about foreign clients, anyways you are dealing with them now and then, but working in their own land with them is a different experience altogether. This video will help you learn about how to work in USA and many other related things.
  • How To Impress The Computer With Appropriate Keywords

    Format and keywords you use is crucial for any resume you submit to companies with keyword database scanning system.
  • Tips for Good Resume Writing

    See this video to know what the recruiters look for in a resume.
  • How to Contribute an Article on C# Corner

    In this video, you will learn how to contribute an article on C# Corner using the online content publisher.
  • How to write a good article on C# Corner

    Do you have some cool code to share but not sure how to create an article from it? This video demonstrates how to write a good quality technical article.