Cyber Security
Computer security, also known as cyber security or IT security, is the protection of computer systems from the theft or damage to their hardware, software or information, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.


  • Microsoft Launches Two New Cybersecurity Services

    Microsoft Azure Sentinel reduces threat hunting from hours to seconds and Microsoft Threat Experts offers a one-click connect with top security experts.
  • Data Breached Of 500 Million Starwood Guests

    Recently, Marriott's guest reservation system was hacked, potentially exposing the personal information of approximately 500 million guests.
  • 100 Million Quora Users Data Hacked

    The most popular question and answer website, Quora has informed that the data of over 100 million Quora users has been compromised recently. The breached data involves the personal information of the users along with their public and no-public content and actions made on Quora.
  • Google+ Shuts Down In Wake Of Security Lapse

    Google has shut down Google+ for consumers after it discovered a bug in one of the Google+ People APIs which gave access to Profile fields that were shared with a user but not marked as public. In a post on Monday, Google also said that the consumer version of the platform saw minimal traffic and users were more active on the enterprise version.
  • North Korean Hacking Group APT38 A Serious Threat - Warns FireEye

    FireEye, a cybersecurity company, has accused a hacking group, called and codenamed by the accusers as APT38.
  • Google Adds New Rules For Chrome Extensions

    Google announced on Monday that it’ll now be deploying more secure and stricter rules for the Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store. The new regulations will come in effect with the forthcoming Chrome 70, while extensions containing obfuscated code will be blocked immediately.
  • California Signs A New IoT Cyber Security Law

    California has now become the first state to sign a cybersecurity law covering “smart” devices. The bill, SB-327, was introduced in the State Senate last year and was signed by a Californian Governor Jerry Brown this year in late August.
  • 50 Million Facebook Accounts Hacked

    Facebook just announced that 50 million user accounts have been hacked and user profiles have been compromised by the hackers.
  • GrammaTech Releases CodeSonar 5, Now With Support for C# and .NET

    GrammaTech, a leading provider of software assurance tools and cybersecurity solutions announced the release of CodeSonar 5 this week, its latest tool in advancing static analysis now with support for C# and .NET with the existing support for C, C++, and Java.
  • Symantec Brings New Technology To Fight Cyber Attacks

    Recently, Symantec Corp SYMC has introduced its new technology called 'Email Threat Isolation' in an effort to counter advanced cyber-attacks in a more innovative and effective way.
  • Facebook Suspends 249 Suspected Accounts Linked To Russia

    Recently, Facebook has removed 70 accounts, 65 Instagram accounts and 138 Facebook pages controlled by Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA).
  • Winter Olympics Cyber Attack Belonged To Russia

    Recently, Russian military spies have hacked several computers used by the authorities in 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.
  • North Korean Hackers Now A Global Threat

    A Cybersecurity company FireEye Inc. has released an official notice stating that a North Korean Cyber-spy group “Reaper” is conducting espionage beyond the Korean peninsula for supporting Pyongyang’s Military.
  • Over 4k Websites Get Infected With Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

    Nearly 4000 websites including some top government websites from the UK and the US were found infected recently with a crypto-coins mining malware.