.NET Core
.NET Core is a modular, cross-platform, and open source software development framework that is used to build Windows, Web, and Mobile applications for Windows, Linux and OS X platforms.


  • Setting Connection Strings In .Net Core Web API With Multiple Tenant SQL DB

    This blog explains how to retrieve different connection strings on every HTTP request based on the header value and use it to connect the SQL database with EF Core contexts to perform the required operation.
  • Access SQL Server Database In .NET Core Console Application

    In this blog, we will see how to access the SQL Server database using a .NET Core console application.
  • How To Use NLog With ASP.NET Core Application

    This article describes how to use NLog with ASP.NET Core, step by step, starting from installation to customization to extending the NLog class.
  • Token Based Authentication In .NET Core And JWT

    In this article, we will see how to create a .NET Core application using JWT based tokenization to authenticate a user. I will also be demonstrating how token will be used to access protected resources.
  • Why We Should And Should Not Use .NET Core

    In this blog, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of .NET Core.
  • Connecting To Database Using .NET Core, SQL Server, And Scaffolding

    In this blog, I'll explain how to retrieve data from a SQL Server Database using .NET Core and Entity Framework.
  • Performance - Exception Trapping

    Last year while presenting my Rock Your Code: Code and App Performance in Microsoft .NET session at a conference, one of the attendees asked me if using the When() clause is faster or not when trapping Exceptions. I found the question intriguing, so I set out to do performance testing for his question.
  • .NET Core - Basic Information

    .NET Core is an absolutely free, cross platform and open source s\w framework for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Dynamic Connection String In .NET Core

    This blog describe how to read and use dynamic connection string from appsetings.json file.
  • Check Out The .NET Core 2.1 Preview 2 And The Ten Year Anniversary Of GitHub

    In the fast-paced world today, wherein technology and economy trends are changing fast, organizations need to quickly adapt to the right technology to have a competitive edge. Custom software application development is one of the processes that provide organizations a big chance to reach its goal and boost ROI.
  • Getting Started Angular In .NET Core 2

    In this blog, you will learn how to get started Angular with .NET Core 2.
  • How To Install .NET Core 2

    This blog demonstrates, how to install .NET Core.
  • Enable .NET Core Standard 2.0 In Visual Studio 2017

    Learn to enable .NET Core Standard 2.0 In Visual Studio 2017.
  • .NET Core Extented Architecture And Separation Of Concerns

    Most of the projects start as small projects and with time they turn into medium or even large projects. By the time that we realize this is happening, it might be too late and can cost us a lot to change the project architecture.
  • .NET Core Errors - Part One - Solution For “No Executable Found Matching Command “dotnet-ef”

    This error comes if you have not added Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools in your Tools section of project.json file or if you have not added DotNetCliToolReference into the ItemGroup section. I will explain more in below solution.
  • Ways To Add Dependency Packages In .NET Core

    Well, there are many ways to achieve this. One is via Visual Studio and another way is through command prompt. Let’s quickly have a look.
  • Containerizing A .NET Core Application Using Docker, ACS And Kubernetes - Part Four

    In this part, we are going to run our .NET core application in the cluster inside docker containers.
  • Containerizing A .NET Core Application Using Docker, ACS And Kubernetes - Part Three

    In this post we will first create a kubernetes cluster using Azure Container service and then we will connect to the cluster using a client.
  • How To Use An Area In ASP.NET Core

    How to use an Area in ASP.NET Core.
  • Containerizing A .NET Core Application Using Docker, ACS And Kubernetes - Part One

    This post aims to give you a quick start on how to create a .Net core web API, containerize it using docker and deploy it to a kubernetes cluster running in Azure container service.
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