Games Programming
Games programming is the software development of mobile and tablet games. Here you may find Games programming related articles and news.


  • Creating Tic Tac Toe - Step by Step

    Creating Tic Tac Toe using C#( Windows Form Application) for Beginners Step by Step:
  • Jetpack Joyride for Windows Phone 8

    Jetpack Joyride for Windows Phone 8 game is available now.
  • Snake Game

    This is a sample snake game application written using C#.
  • Ball and Break Game in C#

    This blog and the attached code is about a Game of Ball and Break written using C# and GDI+.
  • IQ Game - Test Your Memory

    To memorize location of each photo that clicked by computer.
  • Real Time 3D Physics Simulation Using Peace Engine

    This demo shows how to create a physics simulation using Peace Engine, a free 3d simulation/rendering engine that can be used with various computer languages.
  • Dots Game

    Here is a dots game developed using C# and GDI+. New version of the game will be coming soon.
  • A Real Code Review in C#

    The following is a real C# Code Review. While its not an enterprise scale application, it will give you an understanding of the type of things that are assessed as part of a code review.
  • Why Use C# to Build a Rougelike Game

    In this article you will learn why we use C# to build a Rougelike Game.
  • Scanners - C# Game

    A simple to play C# game with collision detection and sound.
  • Kinect Available to Developers

    Microsoft has just released the Kinect API for developers to get their hands on the device development. The Kinect for Windows SDK beta is a programming toolkit for application developers. It enables the academic and enthusiast communities easy access to the capabilities offered by the Microsoft Kinect device connected to computers running the Windows 7 operating system.
  • Develop and Publish Android Application using Flash

    Develop and Publish Android Application using Flash
  • How to Deployment flash game to IPhone

    How to Deployment flash game to IPhone
  • game development

    With XNA Game Studio, included as part of the Windows Phone Developer tools....
  • C# Game Programming Tutorials - for absolute beginners!

    A game programming tutorial blog - C# With screenshots, source code, explanations, comments...
  • Snake Game in C#

    In this article let's implement Snake Game in C#.
  • Naught and cross game

    This is a naught and cross game. I hope you know how to play it.
  • A Loader and Game Pad for Playing Sudoku

    This C# application will allow you to load existing Sudoku games, manually create your own games, save, print, and check Sudoku puzzles, and more. The article also describes how to use the XmlDocument class to persist Sudoku templates and games in progress.
  • Customize Open Save File Dialog

    Customize Open Save File Dialog
  • Quiz Game

    This is a quiz game developed using Windows Forms and C#.
  • KillerBeam - A Game in C#

    KillerBeam is a .Net implementation of the game called Laser Chess which appeared in Compute! Magazine in the early eighties.
  • Hangman Program Using C#

    Hangman was created to illustrate several features of C# including GDI+, string manipulation, array processing, using properties, as well as simple creation of objects.
  • Brick Out in C#

    Way back, I'd say about 1981 (ok maybe not so far back!), there was a game for the Apple II called Brick Out.
  • Asteroids in C#

    As my first experiment in a game design, rather than using a DirectX wrapper, I decided to explore the functionality of GDI+. GDI+ has lot of nice features to offer but performance wise it is slow. So GDI+ may not be a good idea to develop practical fast paced games. This game also includes sounds.
  • Mastermind Game in C#

    This is the game of Mastermind written in C#. The game is played by clicking on a set of 4 colors and then hitting the score button. Colors can repeat themselves in this game, so be wary!