Java and .NET
In this section of C# Corner, you will find various resource to migrate from Java to C#.


  • Javascript to copy or select automatically

    In this article I will give some samples of JavaScript’s to type automatically the typed text from one textbox to other textbox, automatically checking the checkboxes and selecting dropdown list values.
  • Comparison of MVC implementation between J2EE and ASP.NET, Who is the best? Part 1

    This article is a comparison of MVC implementation between J2EE and ASP.NET.
  • Use JSON and JavaScript to create a lightweight GridView

    This post is going to show you how to use JSON and JavaScript to create a light weight GridView in JavaScript.
  • JavaScript supports the notion of weak typing.

    JavaScript supports the notion of weak typing.
  • For each loop in java

    Here i will show how you can make use of foreach loop in java.
  • .NET vs Java

    This article is about the comparison between the two major language of software industry. Java which has is the market for about a decade and .NET which is getting more and more famous day by day.
  • .NET versus ONE

    Microsoft .NET and Sun ONE are that glue for each of the companies—the super glue that tries to hold together a lot of information around vision, architecture and products.
  • Top 10 Reasons to Switch from Java to Visual C#

    This article details the major reasons for Java programmers to consider switching from the Java language to Visual C#.
  • A Basic .NET and J2EE Interoperability using WebSphere MQ

    This artile explains a Basic .NET and J2EE Interoperability using WebSphere MQ. It shows the sending of message from DotNet Application then consuming by Java application using Websphere MQ and vice versa.
  • Six Java features C# developers will kill for...

    Not everything on the .NET framework is perfect, and Microsoft still has more improvements to implement. This time we will look at six features available to Java developers but unfortunally absent from C#.
  • Six C# features Java developers will kill for...

    C# is called Java on steroids, and everyone agrees that it is based on some long-time Java ideas and concepts. But, there are differences, and some of them make C# very powerful compared to Java. Here are six of them.
  • C Sharp for Java programmer -Beginners Guide Chapter 1.1

    An array is a type of object that contains values called elements. Every elements of an array must contain same type of values. Array is like Objects and they are created with new Keyword. Array indexes start at ZERO.
  • Line Numbering Utility in C# and Java

    This is the first of the series of programs I wish to write to help myself get a handle on C#.
  • .NET framework comparison with Java Architecture

    This article outlines Microsoft's proposed standardization of .NET framework in ECMA forum as CLI (Common Language Infrastructure), but the Microsoft documentation refer this as CLR (Common Language Runtime).
  • Will Java and .Net Framework Co-exist?

    The article begins by briefly probing what constitutes the Java platform and .NET framework.
  • Calling Java Program from C#

    This article shows you how to call a Java program from C#.
  • Comparison of C# with Java: A Developer Perspective

    The .NET is a language and operating system (on Windows as of now) independent platform pretty similar to Java.
  • J2EE to .NET Migration: Quick Tips

    Here are some Quick tips to get you started, in case you need to migrate a J2EE based application to a .NET based application.
  • Migrating from Java to C#

    Microsoft has created a tool called Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA), which automatically converts Java code into C# for developers who want to move existing applications to the .NET Framework.