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  • Hash Password Generator10/3/2012 10:54:06 AM. This visual tool generates the hashed password using either SHA1 or MD5 hashing algorithm depending on the choice you make. It will display the hashed password in the read only text box, it can also copy the hashed password to clipboard on your choice for easy paste operation.
  • Cryptography in Microsoft.NET Part I: Encryption10/3/2012 9:41:46 AM. Microsoft .NET has pre-built solutions to all of these in each application domain, viz., ASP. NET, Web Services, Serviced Component etc. It enables building secured application by simple configuration as in ASP.NET to full fledged programmable security as in code access security and Cryptography.
  • Securing Your ASP.NET Web Applications 5/20/2012 12:56:33 AM. Web application security is not just about attackers hacking websites, stealing sensitive information from websites, sending high traffic to websites with denial of service attacks, viruses, worms and Trojan horses. Are these are the only problems that we have? The answer is no. There are other problems that are frequently overlooked.
  • Cryptography in .NET5/13/2012 3:07:25 AM. This article gives a brief overview of Cryptography and the Cryptography support provided by the .NET Framework. I begin by introducing Cryptography and then proceed to examine the various types of it. In particular, I review and analyze the various cryptography algorithms and objects supported by .NET. I conclude after proposing and briefly discussing the algorithmic technique that would work best for you.
  • Public Key Token Generation Algorithm12/16/2005 5:32:55 AM. The PublicKeyTokenGenerator class and a small utility that generates Public Key Token from the Public Key using that class.
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