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  • Use .http files in Visual Studio2/13/2024 5:52:23 AM. In Visual Studio, .http files enable direct API testing within the IDE from Visual Studio 2019 onwards. Before this, developers relied on tools like Postman or Swagger, or unit testing. These files st
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  • Routing to Controller Actions in ASP.NET Core MVC1/30/2024 4:15:10 AM. In ASP.NET Core, routing to controller actions is facilitated through attributes that define route templates, mapping incoming HTTP requests to specific actions. Multiple conventional routes can be es
  • Using RESTSharp for CRUD Operations in ASP.NET Core Web API12/19/2023 7:24:01 AM. Utilizing RESTSharp for CRUD operations in ASP.NET Core Web API offers a streamlined approach to interacting with APIs. This library simplifies HTTP requests and responses, allowing developers to focu
  • What is Action, Non-Action Methods and Types of Action Results10/10/2023 5:31:57 AM. In ASP.NET Core, actions are the methods within a controller that handle HTTP requests and produce HTTP responses. These actions can return different types of action results, which determine how the r
  • Implementing A Proxy Server In C# - An Example And Test Case12/9/2022 11:48:43 AM. In this tutorial, we provide an example of how to create a simple proxy server in a C# application using the HttpListener class. We also show how to write a test case to verify that the proxy server w
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  • HTTP Requests in ASP.NET12/23/2011 9:19:10 AM. In ASP.NET to process requests a pipeline model is used which consists of HTTPModules and HTTPHnadler objects. This pipeline model forms the low level framework which is used by web pages and web services. Here we will see high level overview of request processing.
  • HTTP Handlers for Images in ASP.NET12/26/2005 3:51:11 AM. Have you ever thought of streaming thumbnails just by passing query string indicating width or height of thumbnail you need, and most importantly passing those to image itself?
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