Browsing the Project Summary in JIRA Tool in Testing

In the JIRA Summary page for a project display the recent activity happens in the project, as well as a list of issues and versions that are due soon.


How to browse a project's summary:

  1. From the Project's dropdown, the project's categories will display. The user can also access the current project directly by simply clicking on the "Projects" link instead of the dropdown.
  2. Click the project that you want to choose or click on "View All Projects" that allows the user to view the list of all projects and then select your project from there.
  3. The "Summary" page contains the following page:
    • It contains the icon; for example "Bug", "Improvement", "Task" etc. next to the "Create" label at the top of the page to create an issue of a particular issue type.


    • Contains the "Reports" menu dropdown and the dropdown contains the menu item to generate reports for the project.
    • Contains the "Filters" menu dropdown and the dropdown contains view issues categories in the Issue Navigator with the relevant filter applied.
    • Contains the description of the project.
    • Displays the recently updated issues.


    • Displays the issue graph between Created and Resolved.


The "Activity Stream" section contains:

  • The RSS icon to generate an relevant RSS feed of information for the selected project.
  • The Activity stream also contains the recent notifications about the project.
  • Issues in your local JIRA system.
  • Issues in another JIRA system if your administrator has configured a two way application link.
  • Activity from another Atlassian application, such as: builds (from Bamboo), code commits (from FishEye), code reviews (from Crucible), document updates (from Confluence).


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