Change Profile Picture In WordPress

I have seen many users face issues while changing their profile picture in WordPress. So I thought of writing this article. It is very easy to change your profile picture. However, it seems a bit confusing to new WordPress users.

So without wasting a second, let's hit the goal.


Click on the default gray profile picture and click on “Edit My Profile” It will take you to the users/your profile page.

                                 WordPress – Changing Profile Picture

Check the E-mail (required) field under contact info,

contact info
                                                   WordPress – Changing Profile Picture

STEP 3: Go to Gravatar, where you can change your avatar. Register the email id you are using for your blog.

                                                WordPress – Changing Profile Picture

It is linked to your email. So it will also work in other WordPress blogs ( or


Remember to use the same email id for your blog and Gravatar. Otherwise, it won’t work.
That’s it guys. Just 4 steps and you are done changing your profile picture. Please let me know if you face any issues or are still not able to change the profile picture.

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