Working with Managed path and Site Collection in SharePoint

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Here I am showing you how to work with Managed path and site collection in central administration of share point. This will be useful if you want to create a site collection under an existing web application.

1. Go to Share point central administration -> Application Management -> And select Create Site Collection under Share point Site Management


2. You will get the below screen. Select your web application from the web application list. Give a name for your new site collection


3. Click On Define Managed Path


4. By default your web application will be selected in web Application Drop Down

5. In Path Section give a name for the managed Path

6. From the Type Select Explicit inclusion and Click OK


7. Now when you go to Create site collection Link for that web application,you can see the managed path named Demo


8. Select Demo and give site Primary collection administrator name in the User name Field and click ok to create a site collection under your existing web application.