Configure Send To connections in SharePoint 2010

In this article we will be seeing how to configure Send To connections in SharePoint 2010.

A connection is created for sending documents to the records center or to the document repository; it specifies the web application from which the document has to be sent and the document repository or records center to which documents will be sent.

SharePoint 2010 provides a great way to manage the documents. You have three Send To actions.
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Move and Leave a Link


User can create a copy of the document and send the copy to the other location.


User can move a document from one location to other location.

Move and Leave a Link:

User can move a document from one location to another location, by leaving a link at the current location indicating that the document has been moved and with the new location information.

Documents can be sent across a site, a site collection or even farms using the OfficialFile web service http://server/site Url/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx.


In the destination document repository or records center the Content Organizer feature should be enabled, then only documents can be sent. If you don't enable this feature you can't create a new Sent To connection.

Activate the feature Content Organizer:
  • Content Organizer is a site feature. 
  • Go to Site Actions => Site Settings => site Actions =>Manage site features.
  • Activate the feature Content Organizer.

Create a new Send to connection:
  • Go to Central Administration => General Application Settings =>External Service Connections =>Configure send to connections.


  • Select the web application from which the documents has to be sent.


  • In the "Send To Connections" option select "New Connection".


  • In the "Connection Settings" enter the display name.
  • In the "Send To URL" enter the web service url of the destination document repository or records center.
  • Send To URL:

    • In the destination document repository or records center, go to Site Actions => Site settings => Site Administration => Content Organizer settings =>Submission Points.


    • Copy the Web Service URL.


  • Click on "Click here to test" to test the url.      
  • Select the "Sent To action ".
  • Enter the explanation for the connection.
  • Click on "Add Connection".
  • A new Sent to connection will be created.
  • Click Ok.
Testing the connection:
  • Go to the site from where you want to send the document.
  • Select the document, go to ECB drop down menu => Send To => Records center.


  • A message will pop up, click Ok.


  • Document has been sent to the destination successfully.


  • Now click on the document; you will be redirected to a page where you will see the link of the document current location.


  • Click on the link, it will be redirected to the destination location where the document is present.






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