Windows Form Application in F#


This article is an explanation of how to create a Windows Forms application in F#. The Windows Forms classes are contained in System.Drawing.dll and System.Forms.Drawing.dll. The libraries are based on the System.Windows.Forms.Form class which shows a Window visible to the user.

Steps to Create Windows Application

  1. Open Visual Studio 2010; select the Menu File, then select new and click on Project (File->New->Project). A New project Dialog box will open. This will show the available installed templates in Visual Studio. Select Visual F# Template from the Installed Templates like in the following Image.

    Windows form application in F#

  2. Now expand the Visual F# template and select Windows than choose F# window app (winform). If this is not installed in your Visual Studio then you can install it from here.

    When you install this template the New Project dialog box will display like below.

    Windows form application in F#

  3. Now give a name to your project in the given TextBox and click on OK Button.

    Windows form application in F#

  4. Your Solution Explorer will look like below.

    Solution explorer

  5. Now write the following code in the Program.fs file.


The Program.fs window will look like the following:

Example of Winform

namespace Firstform
open System
open System.Drawing
open System.Windows.Forms
module Main =
    //to add label in form
    let label =
        let temp = new Label()
        do temp.Size <- new System.Drawing.Size(100,100)
        do temp.Text<- "My First F# windows application!"
        do temp.AutoSize <- true
        do temp.Location <- new Drawing.Point(25,25)
    //to creat a form
    let form = new Form(BackColor = Color.Pink, Text = "First Window App")


    6. Now Press f5 to execute the program.


Output of winform


In this article I have discussed how to create a Windows Forms application in F#.

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