Kudos To Abhimanyu K. Vatsa For Contributing 400+ Articles At C# Corner

C# Corner highly applauds Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa for his incredible and a phenomenal contribution of 400+ write ups to the C# Corner IT community in the form of articles.

                          Abhimanyu being awarded C# Corner MVP

With a Master in Information Technology and Bachelor in Computer Applications and certified in several technologies, Abhimanyu K. Vatsa hails from a distant village named Pipra Khem in Bihar, India and has come a long way. His life is significantly decorated with many accomplishments that are hard to garner at this age.

Host to an enormous knowledge and a vast experience in ASP.NET, C#/VB, MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL Server, Silverlight, Microsoft Web Stack Technologies, ColdFusion, PHP, web scale applications and so on. Abhimanyu K. Vatsa is a pure talent and is an inspiration to all.

Abhimanyu K. Vatsa is a Microsoft Most Valued Professional 2012, Microsoft Most Valued Professional 2013, Mindcracker (C# Corner) Most Valued Professional 2010 and Mindcracker (C# Corner) Most Valued Professional 2011. His bouquet of achievements also includes the book "Instant Razor View Engine How-To" penned by himself. The book has been published by the renowned Packt Publication and is already out there to educate the world.

His achievements entail a long list and do not end here. Moving forward with every week, month, each year we hope to see him grow more, shine more and sparkle at the global IT stage of experts. Through his continuous contributions in the C# Corner IT community Abhimanyu has helped an innumerous number of IT professionals' big and small, amateurs and experts from all over the world.

He has shared the gift of education and knowledge at the C# Corner for the enlightenment of the global IT community and we hope this process will never end.

We wish him all the feats in his journey and congratulate him for his 400+ contributions at the C# Corner. We aspire to see him continue to conquer new technologies and continue to make us all proud. 

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