When mobile solutions play a crucial role, bet on well-proved quality

When mobile solutions play a crucial role, bet on well-proved quality

Mobile data access, mobile solutions, information anywhere, anytime and on any device, data collection in the field, on the road or in the office, problem solving in the motion - that is just a part of mobile users' requirements. The use of mobility is skyrocketing and becomes an integral part of a variety of professions.

There are hundreds of different applications being developed - simple consumer focused as well as complex enterprise mobile solutions that are able to replace desktop environment. They differ in many aspects, yet possess many common in order to succeed: attractive graphics, logical layout, good performance, while being developed effectively in relatively short time. Although, the postulates are more or less clear, the success of a mobile project is not always guaranteed.

When targeting Windows Mobile platform, use of 3rd party controls is necessary. Let's find out what the most complete set of .NET Compact Framework components from Resco can offer:

The package is called Resco MobileForms Toolkit and it contains more than 20 controls and libraries for Windows Mobile applications development.

Here is a summary of the inevitable Resco controls:

Ground for most of the mobile applications - powerful list control

List control can be used in various situations as it perfectly fits the mobile screen. The list from Resco - AdvancedList for .NET CF - offers outstanding opportunities and powerful features. Not only supports it finger-touch control or advanced graphic capabilities (e.g. gradient color), but the layout can be fully customized and data can be divided into cells. Resco AdvancedeList supports DelayedLoad functionality that enables displaying huge amount of data. It loads only the data displayed on the screen while the rest is being loaded gradually as the user scrolls the list.

Resco AdvancedList  Resco AdvancedList  Resco AdvancedList

Impressive selection from a drop-down list control

A standard drop-down list component is usually hard to control by a finger. On the other hand, Resco AdvancedComboBox for .NET CF enables sophisticated opportunities: the combo box supports finger-touch control; each row contains cells that can represent text, image or hyperlink, support of DelayedLoad technology.

Resco AdvancedComboBox  Resco AdvancedComboBox  Resco AdvancedComboBox

Orient on the screen with style

A relatively dicrete component that helps with orientation on the screen was brought to excellence. The component is called Resco ScrollBar for .NET CF. It supports advanced graphics: all parts of the scrollbar can be modified and customized in both shape and color; gradient can be added or the buttons and bar can be completely substituted by a picture. Also the layout of the bar can be customized:  scrollbar buttons can be grouped at the edges, opposite, or hidden. Furthermore, developer can use Extensions® - add additional visual information, e.g. a LetterBar.

Resco ScrollBar  Resco ScrollBar

Design a keyboard layout according your needs

Resco CustomKeyboard for .NET CF is a fully customizable component for data input. Developer can easily create a customized keyboard layout according to the form's purpose. The layout can be defined by a collection of keys with simple graphical representation, or by a skin which allows using advanced graphical capabilities. There is even a possibility to use more layouts. Each layout can be called up by function keys.

Resco CustomKeyboard  Resco CustomKeyboard  CustomKeyboard_03.png

Design a scheduling tool with glamor

Good looking tool for appointment schedule comes always handy. The one from Resco - WeekCalendar for .NET CF disposes of strong designer support. It can switch between Day and Week view and the appointment description can be customized. Developers can take full advantage of graphic capabilities, such as support for gradient color, in order to design attractive graphics or even distinguish private from business appointments.

Resco WeekCalendar  WeekCalendar_02.png

Input forms in style and effectively

Let's focus on data input, particularly on creating mobile user input forms. Very smart way is deploying Resco DetailView for .NET CF. The component supports multi-page that allows dividing a long content into several subpages. Moreover, it supports all standard input methods: ComboBox, CheckBox, text items, and numeric items. The whole layout can be customized - label width might be adjusted, ForeColor and BackColor, Font, Alignment, and Border properties can be set easily. Last but not least, Resco DetailView supports finger-touch control.

Resco DetailView  Resco DetailView  DetailView_03.png

About Resco MobileForms Toolkit

Resco MobileForms Toolkit is one of the richest and most comprehensive sets of Microsoft Visual Studio controls and libraries designed for developers of software solutions for mobile devices. In its portfolio there are controls and libraries that tackle most problems developers encounter in the mobile environment. Flexible keyboard, professional list control, powerful grid control, charting control, and scheduling control - to mention only the most frequently used ones.

For more information about Resco MobileForms Toolkit, visit http://www.resco.net/developer/mobileformstoolkit/default.aspx.