Events and Delegates

Events in C# are based on delegates, the Originator defining one or more callback functions. A class that wants to use events defines callback functions as delegates and the listening object then implements then.

Source Code:


public class MyEvt
public delegate void t(Object sender,MyArgs e);// declare a delegate
public event t tEvt; //delcares a event for the delegate
public void mm()
{ //function that will raise the callback
MyArgs r=new MyArgs();
this,r); //calling the client code
public MyEvt(){ }

//arguments for the callback
public class MyArgs:EventArgs
public MyArgs(){ }
public class MyEvtClient
MyEvt oo;
public MyEvtClient()
this .oo=new MyEvt();
this .oo.tEvt +=new MyEvt.t(oo_tt);
public static void Main (String [] args)
MyEvtClient cc=
new MyEvtClient();;
//this code will be called from the server
public void oo_tt(object sender, MyArgs e)

Save the File
as EventTest.cs
Compile C:\>csc EventTest.cs
run C:\>EventTest