Error Inspection Using Telerik Just Code

In this article, let us have a look at various ways of error inspection using Telerik Just Code. The list of inspections can be done is as follows.

  • Identical if and else clauses
  • Obsolete casts
  • Empty statements
  • Assignments with no effect
  • Unused private members
  • Unused parameters
  • Unused variables
  • Unused namespaces
  • Unreachable statements

I have a very simple code as below:

telerik code

And if you look carefully there is a compile time error in the code because the string value assignment is for an integer type variable.

Telerik JUST CODE reports the above error in many developer friendly ways and at the same time helps developers to resolve the issue.

If you are have JUST CODE installed you will get error messages in multiple ways. JUST CODE provides inspection details in many ways. They are listed as below.

ToolTip below the highlighted code

telerik code tooltip

If you hover over a line causing an error, in the tooltip you will get the error message.

ToolTip in the Marker Bar

At the right hand side you will find Marker war.

telerik application

If you hover over marker you will get the error detail as below:

telerik application

In Error List

At the bottom you will find r error list. All the error and warning will be listed there.

telerik application errorlist

In next article we will see some other features of Just Code. I hope this article was useful. Thanks for reading.

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