Change Your Azure Website URL to Your Cname For All Posts and Categories

This article shows how to change the URL of a website hosted on Azure. I hope you like it.
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If you are new to Azure please read here
Normally when we host our website in Azure, we need to create a web application where we need to select the application name. So once you have configured everything, your website URL will be something like We can change this and point to our CNAME by some procedure that we will explain in our next article. So what will happen is, when you go for the preceding URL, it will just redirect to our CNAME ( . We will explain that. Now even if you configure those, you need to set some settings in your WordPress to make our categories and post contain our CNAME in the URL.   
Login to your WordPress.
Go to Settings -> General.
Change the WordPress Address and Site Address.
You can change it to your CNAME.
Now when you look at those category URLs you will see it is pointing to your CNAME URL. 
That's all folks. I will return with another set of Azure articles soon.
I hope it will be useful. Please share your feedback with me. Thanks in advance.