How to Configure SQL Server 2005 Network Connectivity

Here I am demonstrating how to simply configure networking connectivity in SQL Server 2005.

Go to  Start ->All Programs ->Microsoft  SQL Server 2005->Configuration Tools->SQL Server Configuration Manager.


We are going to allow connections on TCP/IP. By default the TCP/IP service is disabled and also by default SQL only allows local connections. Let's start TCP/IP.


Select TCP/IP and right-click and then enable. You will then see it as below:



After that right-click on TCP/IP and click the properties. Then click on IP Addresses. Here you find your IP. If your IP address is incorrect than correct it and click ok.


After that restart SQL Server 2005 Services.


Finally we are able to remotely connect to other computer databases. Make sure that whichever computer you want to access the database for, it is connected with your computer.


Select any one by which you want to connect. And give a Login Id and Password as required.



If there are any problem after fallowing these step then restart your computer. Manage any firewall exceptions for SQL server.