Configuring Site To Site VPN Connection Between Two Azure networks - Part Two


This article is a continuation of my previous one which will help you to work with VPN connections on Azure. Here, by this demo, we will be configuring a site-to-site VPN connection between two Azure networks.


  1. An active Azure subscription.

Click here to get a free Azure trial account.

Note - Click here for Part – 1: Configuring site – to – site VPN Connection between two Azure networks

Add the US Local Network

Step 11 -
Click on New - Network Services - Virtual Network - Add Local Network.

Step 12 - Name the V-net over here with the IP address of VPN,

Name: Fero_Lnet_US
VPN Device IP address:

Click on “Next”.

Step 13 - Specify the address space over here.

Starting IP:
CIDR (Address Count): /16 (65536)

Click on “Create”.

Now you can find the Local Network of “Fero_Lnet_US” has been created.

Configure the Europe site – to – site connectivity.

Step 14 - Click on the European V-net that we have created.

Click on “Fero_Vnet_EU”.

Step 15 - Click on “Configure”.

Check in with the “Connect to the local network”. Select the Local network (Fero_Lnet_US) and add a gateway subnet.

Click on “Save”.

Create VPN gateway for the Europe v-net

Step 16 -
Click on the Dashboard of “Fero_vnet_eu”.

Step 17 - Click on New - Dynamic Binding.

Step 18 - Click on “Yes” to add the gateway of Dynamic Binding.

This will take some thirty minutes to create a gateway for Fero_vnet_eu.

Here, you can find the Gateway IP address for “fero_vnet_eu”. Gateway IP address:

Set the VPN IP address in the Europe local network

Step 19 - Click on “Local Networks”.

Select the European Local Network – “Fero-Lnet-EU” and click Edit button.

Paste the Gateway IP address of “fero_vnet_eu” over here.

Paste the VPN Device IP Address “” and click on “Next”.

Click on “Create”.

Now, you can find the local network getting updated.

Click on “OK” now, after the local network gets updated.

Follow my next article to work on configuring the US v-net site-to-site connectivity, create the VPN gateway for the US v-net, set the VPN IP address in the US local network configuration, set the v-net VPN gateway keys, and check the VPN Connectivity.