Creating An Azure Event Hub - Practical Scenario

This is a practical demo of how to create an Azure Event Hub from the Azure dashboard for beginners. There aren't many pre-requisites to start with but obviously, you should have an active Azure subscription. If you are testing out this feature you can create a free account for $200 free credit to explore Azure and 12 months of popular free services.

Creating resource group

All resources are deployed and managed from a resource group. A resource group is a logical collection of Azure resources.

Create resource group

Creating An Azure Event Hub

Use a unique name and select your Azure subscription to create a resource group

Creating An Azure Event Hub

Create an Event Hubs namespace

Before creating an event hub you have to create an Event Hubs namespace which provides a unique container, in which you create more than one event hub.

Type eventhubs in the search bar and then click eventhubs. Once selected create 'Add' to create a new namespace.

Create the new NameSpace using the resource group you have created in the previous steps. For the Location, Pricingtier and Throughput Units I have left it to default since this exercise are for demo purposes, you can decide based on your need when you are implementing this in real-time.

Creating an Azure Event Hub

Creating An Azure Event Hub

NameSpace was created successfully.

Create an event hub

Now click on the 'Go to resource' where you can see the monitoring and other features are created for all the events that you are going to configure inside that Event hub namespace.

Creating an Azure Event Hub

The '+Event Hub' button at the top left as obvious lets you create a new event hub with options listed in the below screenshot.

Creating An Azure Event Hub

You could see that apart from a unique name that we have to provide, there are two other options called 'Partition Count' and 'Message Retention'. The 'Partition Count' setting allows you to parallelize consumption across many consumers, partitions have been discussed in one of our previous posts.

The 'Message Retention' settings specify how long the Event Hubs service keeps data.

Creating an Azure Event Hub


This is a quickstart demo for how to create an event hub namespace and event hub. We will see how can we proceed with testing the flow of events in the coming articles.

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