How to Deploy an Azure Web App


Azure Web App stands out as the most secure and user-friendly web application management platform in Azure. It is a highly recommended web hosting platform with many security features and seamless integrations.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Integration
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Auto-scaling and Load Balancing
  • High Availability and Reliability
  • Custom Domain and SSL Certificates


Step 1. In the Azure Portal, navigate to Create a resource.

Step 2. Search for Web App select Web App from the results and click the "Create" button.

Web app

Step 3. Select your Azure Subscription

  1. I have selected a resource group that I have already created WebApp-RG
  2. In Instance Details provide the Web App name for the demo perspective I have created the name ArticleWebApp2451

Please note that the Web App Name must be unique.

Create web app

Step 4. You can select your preferred publish type. In my case, I have selected Code, and the Runtime stack is .NET 06. If you want you can select a later version.

  1. The Operating System is Windows in my case.
  2. I have selected the pricing plan Free F1 for the demo.

.NET 6 (LTS)

Step 5. The Free F1 Plan does not support a database, and I do not intend to create one for my demo setup. Hit on Review + Create.

Create database

Step 6. Review the configuration and hit create the resource.

App service

Setup 7. Successfully created my Web App.

Deployment complete

Setup 8. Navigate to the resource and explore the web application.

Note. In the left pane, select "Deployment"; you can initiate your deployment from there.

  1. Web App Status: Running
  2. Web App URL
  3. Customize Your Deployment for the Web App


Setup 9. Testing and validation confirm the successful deployment of my web app.

Web app


This article guides you through the deployment process of the Azure Web App. If you encounter further confusion, feel free to contact me.

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