How to Use Key Vault in Azure?


  • Users should be using valid usernames and passwords.
  • To create an Azure Key Vault, users must have an Azure subscription.

Steps using Azure Portal

Create an Azure Key-Vault

Login into the Azure Portal using the below URL:


From the Azure portal home page, select Create a resource.


Enter the word "Key Vault" into the Azure Marketplace search box to bring up the Key Vault Create page.


Select Create on the Key Vault page.


The user must enter the project information on the Create Key Vault form.

Azure-Key-Vault-6 New

Enter the new bastion's information as follows.

  • Subscription: Select your subscribed plan from the drop-down list.
  • Resource group: Select the resource group in which you want to create a bastion.
  • Key Vault Name: Enter the unique name, and the vault name must be alphanumeric and should not start with a Number.
  • Region: Select region/location from the down list.
  • Pricing Tier: Select the Pricing tier from the drop-down list.

Azure-Key-Vault-7 New

To deploy the workspace, select Review+Create and click Create on the page.

Azure-Key-Vault-8 New

Until it moves to completion, keep an eye on the deployment status on the page.

Azure-Key-Vault-9 New

Add a Secret

Go to the Azure portal's recently created key vault.

Azure-Key-Vault-10 New

Select Secrets from the Settings menu on the left now.

Azure-Key-Vault-11 New

Now go to the top of the Secret page and choose General/Import.

Azure-Key-Vault-12 New

The Create a Secret page loads. Enter Name, Value, content type, activation date, and expiration date as needed to complete the form.

Azure-Key-Vault-13 New

Now go to the bottom of the page and click the Create button.

Azure-Key-Vault-14 New

Check to see if a new secret has been added to the vault.

Azure-Key-Vault-15 New

Show the Secret

Choose a new secret from the list of secrets.

Azure-Key-Vault-16 New

Choose the most recent Secret iteration from the list.

Azure-Key-Vault-17 New

Next, choose Show Secret Value from the page.

Azure-Key-Vault-18 New

Check the recently added the vault accurately displays the secret value.

Azure-Key-Vault-19 New


It has secret management because it can safely store and grant controlled access to passwords, certificates, tokens, API keys, or other secrets.

  • The encrypted keys that are used to encrypt data are simple to create and give control over.
  • The management and deployment of TLS/SSL layer certificates are supported.
  • There is support for the deployment and management of TLS/SSL layer certificates.
  • Application secrets are kept centrally, allowing users to manage distribution.