Invite Guest User in Azure Active Directory


First you need to have Azure account, then you need to invite someone to the Azure active directory.
Login to the Azure account.
Click on the left side Azure Active Directory button.
Then you will navigate to Azure Active Directory, you will see “Users” option. There you need to manage the Azure AD Users. Click on Users button then you will navigate to the Users Page.
Here you will see the all Users in current Azure AD, our goal is inviting some user then you need click on New Guest User Option.
Once you clicked on New Guest User Option then it will open another screen, then we need to provide the basic details about theuser we are inviting. For example we need to provide the Email and others are optional, then click on invite button.
Once invited, now we can see the new user with status Invited User and User Type is Guest, that person needs to accept the invitation. 
Here we can see the user details object Id. Here we can see the user details object Id .
User will receive the mail, user needsmto click on  Get Started then enter the Password if their email is already registered with Microsoft. Otherwise the email id needs to be registered with Microsoft.
Here I am just entering the password, because  I already registered with Microsoft.
After entering password and being verified successfully then you need to accept the Review Permissions.
After accepting the permissions, now you are in Azure Portal Page, you can also see the Azure Directory. At this stage you can’ t create the resources in Azure. Account Admin needs to give the permissions for creating resources or viewing resources which is called RBAC, or Role Based Access Control. We will see this in the next article. 
Here I logged in with Account Admin Login, which I created with the Azure Account Email. Now I can see the user has accepted the invitation.Here I logged in with Account Admin Login, which I createdwith the  Azure Account Emai. Now I can see the user has accepted the invitation.


In this article, we learned about how to invite guest users in Azure Active Directory.

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