Microsoft Azure Front Door


In this article, we will explore a short explanation on the Microsoft Azure front door and its major services
Before we start our overview on Microsoft Azure front door, we should have:


In this article, we will explore a short explanation on the Microsoft Azure front door and its main services.
Before we look into Microsoft Azure front door, let's understand what Anycast is...


  • It is a routing and addressing methodology.
  • In this methodology, a single destination address has one or more routing paths to two or more destinations.
  • Routers will decide and select the best path based on latency, lowest cost, distance, number of hopes, etc.
  • It is used in a content delivery network to bring the information closer to the users.

Introduction of Microsoft Azure Front Door

  • Microsoft Azure front door is used in global web applications to get secure, fastest delivery of content to the users.
  • This service is recently generally available by Microsoft.
  • It works on anycast methodology.
  • The application will gain speed of delivering the content with lower latency and higher throughput.
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  • With this service, we can define, monitor and manage the web traffic routing for better performance and high availability.
  • Front Door works at Layer 7 or HTTP/HTTPS layer and uses anycast protocol with split TCP and Microsoft's global network for improving global connectivity.
  • It provides a range of routing models and health monitoring options based on our needs.
  • This service is useful for delivering consistent, low latency, high throughput, DNS based routing, load balancing, building highly scalable applications, Global HTTP load balancing with instant failover.
  • We can perform URL based routing, session affinity, configure SSL, application-level security and URL rewrite.
  • Microsoft providing the 99.99 percent availability SLA.
  • AFD provides global coverage in over 35 countries across 65 metros and quickly growing.
  • AFD can effortlessly integrate with the existing or new applications out of the box.
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In this article, we have seen an overview of Microsoft Azure front door and its services.